LCD Framing Machine and Polarizer Remover Electrical Machine

$ 499.99 was $ 1,050.00


We welcome the 2016 electrical Framing Machine... and it came with a surprising second function. It is a polarizer remover as well! This machine does not need a compressor to work with and it does not have a compressor built in. It works with electrical motors. It is supposed to be more reliable and that is what we have seen so far. 

We did find the plates need to be heated for some time prior to be used especially when trying to frame 6+ and 6S+ screens. However once it heated up for some time, we saw what it was made of. It did not disappoint. We are adding it to one of our favorites! Who doesn't need an extra polarizer remover around? 

It ships with:

1. 110V connector cable

2. iPhone 4/4s Mold

3. iPhone 5/5s/5c Mold

4. iPhone 6/6S Mold

5. iPhone 6+/6S+ Mold

6. Polarizer Remover Blades



- 110V

- 100% Electrical (Doesn't need an internal or external air compressor)


This machine comes with our 1 Year Manufactory Warranty 

All our in-stock products ship within 24 hours