5 in 1 Bonding Machine with Autoclave

$ 1,199.99 was $ 2,359.99


This machine is perfect for iPhone and Samsung bonding process. No bubbles after bonding LCD to new glass. It is built with really high quality materials and It is the one we recommend to our customers. It is compact and powerful enough for high volume LCD Refurbishing. 

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Why 5 in 1?

  1. Built in compressor
  2. Built in vacuum pump
  3. No molds needed inside
  4. Autoclave
  5. Bonding machine


What is bonding process?

The bonding process is the final step in screen refurbishing and the most important. It is when you glue a perfectly clean LCD  with a brand new glass. It is when your LCD and glass become a screen. It is compact and powerful enough for big volume LCD Refurbishing. 

You need (1) LCD perfectly clean and (2) Glass with OCA

This machine will bond (1) and (2) close to perfection. A small percentage has to be put through the built in autoclave for zero bubbles. After this step you are only details away from having a fully refurbished screen.


It ships with 

  • 110V connector cable
  • iPhone molds from the 4/4s to 6 plus for LCD-Glass Proper alignment
  • Tool for autoclave


This machine comes with our 1 Year Manufactory Warranty 

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