Board Repair School

$ 200.00 was

Board level repair is becoming essential for shops around the world to stay on top of other competitors. Here at STS Parts we want to train you with the best hands on experience to tackle board repair to the level you see convenient for you and your market. 
Each participant will have a state of the art solder station including top of the line microscopes and must-have tools such as tweezers, cutters, solder, flux, etc. All the materials (connectors, solder, bare boards, etc.) used in the class will be provided.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own boards from the death pile for fun projects! 

Pro Board Repair School Content 

- Soldering 101 - Learn how to properly solder. Some basic theory to improve techniques!
- Equipment overview. - What is the best equipment and why?
- Component Identification. - Learn names and how to identify capacitors from resistors and so forth. 
- Metal connectors on PCB such as PS4 HDMI.
- Flex to logic board soldering such as iPad mini charging port, iPod 5th gen front camera…).
- iPad Filter Replacement. - Backlight issues? 
- Water damage treatment. - Improve your success rate and proper method.
- Electronic components 101 - We will learn what we need to know about capacitors, inductors, resistors, coils, and more! 
- Backlight Circuit Understanding to be able to repair most Apple backlight problems. - Our first full circuit analysis, we make it fun and easy. No worries!
- How to solder FPC Connectors iPads and iPhones. - No more mailing out!
- Replacing filters, diodes, capacitors in real boards with real clearance. 
- Replacing FPC connector with real clearance.
- Micro jumpers with visible traces. 
- Basic and Intermediate included.
- Circuits 101.
- Diagram understanding beyond backlight repair.
- Component Sourcing.
- Basic BGA Replacement.
- Water damaged logic boards advanced troubleshooting (data recovery).
- Freeze spray and external power supply to troubleshoot short circuits.

We teach you how to be profitable, practice micro jumpers, trace repair, schematic reading, hardcore troubleshooting and more. Important tools such as the ZXW is used all throughout training so you become proficient using it. At the end of these five days you will be confident on board level repairs, ready to go and conquer!
If you have any questions about the class or travel details, please contact us!