In Circuit ESR Capacitor / Low Ohm Meter Up to 0.01 to 100 Ohms

$ 79.99


Using 100kHz to remove the impedance 1/(2*pi*F*C), the impedance will become small, and then we can measure the true series resistor value. A bad E-capacitor have larger ESR and create large ripple rather than filtering noise. Normally, a big capacitor is larger than 3 ohm. 
Therefore, we can measure the capacitor is bad, damaged or in good condition by using this theory. 
Because this ESR meter only applies less than 15mV DC or peak to peak on a good capacitor, as a result we can use it as in circuit test. Because this low testing voltage, it cannot turn on the semiconductor inside a circuit under testing. During repairing TV, LCD, Audio board, etc. we can in circuit testing the capacitor is good or not.


  • Using true 100 KHz sine wave to measure the ESR value, which is equal to the testing method of capacitor manufacturer.
  • Dual terminal, for fast and easy inspect general capacitor or resistor, a printed ESR table for fast check.
  • Measuring range from 0.001 to 100.0R, support IN CIRCUIT Testing.
  • Auto-ranging capacitor ESR and Low Ohm Meter.
  • Wide Measurement Range


  • Accuracy: Up to 1% (detail on above table) 
  • High Resolution: 4 digit, or 0.001Ohm @ 1 Ohm range 
  • Measuring voltage: <~40mV RMS (TESTING VOLTAGE) 
  • Clamping voltage: ~0.15V (open voltage) 
  • Battery: 2X AA 1.5V 
  • External Power: 5V micro USB 
  • Operating current: 0.02A 
  • Battery Life time: >80 Hours


  • 1x MESR-100 V2
  • 2 x test clips