Omano OM2300S-JW11 Zoom Stereo Boom Microscope

$ 528.00 was $ 1,011.00

  • Upgraded 7x-45x stereo microscope head
  • Binocular or trinocular
  • Trinocular - Simultaneous camera/eyepiece use
  • Included ring light and SWF 10X eyepieces
  • Workhorse JW11 single arm boom stand


The OM2300S-JW11 is a single arm zoom microscope that offers a heavier and sturdier alternative to the OM2300S-GX4. It combines our most popular OM2300S inspection microscope head with our workhorse, single arm JW11 boom stand. Magnification is a crisp 7x-45x zoom with included ring light. Lifetime Limited Warranty.


The OM2300S zoom stereo microscope head has become our de facto, 'Go To' head for our industrial inspection customers. Upgraded in 2010, but with no increase in price, the 2300S provides a solid design with crisp, clean optics beyond our expectations at this price level. The 7X-45X zoom range (6.4:1) is parfocal with dual diopters integrated into the oculars. Interpupillay adjustment range is 55mm-75mm. Standard working distance is 4.5" which increases to 6.5" with the addition of 0.5x auxiliary barlow lens.

Three alternative barlows are available: 0.75x, 1.5x and 2.0x. WF10X eyepieces and eyeguards are included. Available in binocular or trinocular format. Trinocular includes a 23.2mm smooth photo tube. NOTE: When the beam-splitter lever is engaged in the OM2300S-Trincular, 80% of the light from the left optical path is directed to the camera port. The image can still be viewed through both eyepieces while the camera is in use..

Focus & Illumination

Rack and pinion focus includes dual right and left hand controls for convenience. An 80 LED ring light for shadow-free illumination is included in the price and can be upgraded to higher LED or other light when adding the microscope to you shopping cart.


The Omano JW11 boom stand has been a workhorse and well-proven Omano stand for over ten years. Strong and affordable, it is a single arm stand with an included 84mm focus block. The horizontal arm extension is 20" including the microscope head. The pole is 17" tall with an effective useable height of 12". The stand weighs 32lbs.


Eyecups, dust cover, manual