Omano OM99-V6 Zoom Stereo Boom Microscope

$ 1,012.00 was $ 1,794.00

  • Premium 6.5x-45x stereo microscope head
  • Super WF10x eyepieces
  • Heavyweight dual-arm V6 boom stand
  • Included ring light
  • Sharp optics


The OM99-V6 pairs our best Omano OM99 microscope head with the heavyweight V6 dual arm, boom stand for the ultimate in optics and stability. The zoom magnification range is 6.5x-45x with Super WF10x eyepieces and eyecups. A light ring is also included. Lifetime Limited Warranty.


The Omano OM99 is the top of the range of Omano zoom stereo microscope that compares favorably with its Olympus cousin. Featuring 6.5x-45x parfocal magnification, it is built round six prisms and, in our opinion, is the best quality stereo microscope out of China. The two Super Wide Field SWF10X eyepieces make for a terrific viewing experience with rubber eyecups included.

Dual diopters are integrated into the eye tubes for individual eye adjustment. and interpupillary adjustment range is 55mm-75mm. Working distance is 3 1/4" and more than doubles to over 6" with the addition of a 0.5x auxiliary barlow lens. 0.5x Barlow Lens Included, optional barlow lenses: 0.3x, 0.4x, 0.75x, 1.0x and 2.0x. Available in binocular or trinocular format which includes a 23mm smooth camera tube. Both versions are optionally available with click-stop detents for precise zoom observations. NOTE: When the photo-prism lever is engaged in the OM99-Trincular, 100% of the light from the left optical path is directed to the camera port. The image can still be viewed through the right eyepiece.

Focus & illumination

Rack and pinion focus includes dual right and left hand controls for convenience. An 144 LED ring light for shadow free illumination is included.


Weighing in at over 60lbs, the V6 is extremely stable. It has almost 24" of clearance to the base and can view objects over 18" tall. Dual arm construction adds to its strength while a counterweight adds balance. A locking collar acts as a safety mechanism under the boom arm. As with most Omano boom stands, a hanging bar is included that enables angled viewing positions. The hanging bar bracket is spring-loaded so that the lever can be moved out of the way without having to release the pre-set position of the microscope head.


Ring light, focus block, dust cover, manual, eyeguards, 0.5x Barlow Lens.