Stainless Steel Portable Clean Room (220V)

$ 500.00


We all know the importance of having a clean room for refurbishing. Not only should it be dust free but also anti static free. With that in mind we bring you this portable clean room. The structure is stainless steal and easy to assemble, covered with anti static curtains all around. The fan is the highest quality built in the market from the high grade plastic blades of the fan to the filter especially made for LCD Refurbishing industry.

Structure and clean room fan with filter are sold individually, make sure to add both if a portable clean room is what you need!

Structure with fan and filter dimensions:

               Width: 52-1/2", Depth: 46", Height: 72"

Fan and filter dimensions: 

               Width: 22", Depth: 46", Height: 13"

LED lamp included.